Patient Reviews

  "I have found Dr. Coles to be very caring, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable about a wide range of health issues and treatment options. I love that she took the time to order more tests to get a better picture of what I've been dealing with when most mainstream doctors I've seen over the years never order tests, they just want to look you up and down and make a subjective judgement, throw you some pills and escort you out the door. Seeing Dr. Coles has been a huge relief and complete change from most mainstream doctors. She took the time to explain to me my test results and took the time to research a medication for me to find a much cheaper alternative as well, which saved me hundreds of dollars. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Coles. This is just the beginning of my journey back to wellness but I'm already so grateful. I feel I have finally found a great doctor. Thank you Dr. Coles !" - Rebecca C.

"I see Dr. Coles who has been nothing but fantastic and extremely committed to helping me heal my body with natural medicine. We overhauled my entire lifestyle by improving my diet and adding acupuncture into my treatments. I went in with the intent of dealing with this one problem and wound up realizing that it was more than just one thing wrong with my health. Dr. Coles helped me to improve the way I ate and focus on the way food affects my body." - Lindsey H.

"I first went to see Dr. Coles in May of 2013 after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. The first huge point is the amount of time she gave me on my first appointment and all subsequent ones. I usually got somewhere between 5 minutes and 15 minutes if I was lucky with my urologists, surgeons and conventional doctors. My first visit with Dr Coles was almost 90 minutes. Not only was she compassionate and patient (remember I was diagnosed with what I thought was a terminal condition 3 days earlier and really needed someone to hear me out) but she had solid, well backed-up with research, advice. She guided me, provided feedback, supplements to help with various consequences of my treatment, acupuncture and has been a vital part of my health team." - Steve B.

"Dr. Kristen Coles, who in addition to being a wonderful naturopath and acupuncturist, can administer "Myer's cocktails".  This is an IV to help boost the immune system.  I would not have made it through my recent mainland trips without these treatments, especially since I traveled during flu season. My life has changed for the better; I just wish I had gone there sooner!" - Robin W.